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What is the CEDS?

What is the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy? 

A completed CEDS is a requirement for designation as an economic development district. A CEDS provides a mechanism for coordinating the efforts of individuals, organizations, local governments, and private industry concerned with economic development. The CEDS process is intended to “help create jobs, foster more stable and diversified economies, and improve living conditions” for the area in question.
As an analysis of the regional economy, the CEDS will help promote sustainable development activities and serve as a guidebook and tool for local decision makers.
The major components of a CEDS are:
      1) A description of the area and status of economic development professionals that can serve as resources in the region;
      2) A detailed analysis of the regional economy;
      3) An examination of what the future of the region may look like;
      4) An action plan or steps to take; and, 
      5) Follow-up and evaluation in the period after the CEDS has been adopted.

More information on the requirements for a CEDS can be found here: /RGCOG/Page/Files/1518_CEDS Guidelines.pdf